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Here in OH, VA And NC, solar panels are the norm for homeowners. Pinky’s Prowash has you covered! We are specialists in the care and upkeep of all glass fixtures like solar panels and windows. We clean them very similarly, but we take extra precautions with our tools and procedures when we clean your solar panels. These systems are fragile, valuable to your property and we treat them as such. By maintaining a clean solar panel system homeowners increase their output and decrease their annual energy bills.

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We use the right tools to clean solar panels, including far-reaching tools that allow us to stay off of your roofs completely. Your solar panels can be damaged by sponges or abrasive brushes. We use a combination of boar’s hair and nylon bristles on our brushes to get dust, pollen and dirt off of them, but not damage the surface. We never, ever walk on your panels either, but more importantly we are safe and OSHA compliant while on your roof. We always use fall-arresting protection to reduce any risk of injury while on your property.

Electrical wiring and connections combined with delicate materials make your solar panels a surface to be treated with great care and caution. This is why we only use the right solution on them. Solvents and detergents can damage your solar system. We use a safe, biodegradable cleaning solution, as well ion-free pure water to take care of the job. And in addition to not using harsh chemicals, we never use high pressure as it can damage the joints in the panel frame.

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) conducted a study that highlights a potential 30% energy yield loss per year with solar panels that don’t receive regular cleaning on a quarterly basis. If your panels are major roads, they will accumulate more pollutants and can lose up to 33% of their solar efficiency from dirt. Keeping panels free of dirt and debris will allow your solar panels to absorb the maximum sunlight available and maintain the highest performance.

Why Choose Our OH, VA And NC Solar Panel Cleaning?

Getting your solar panels cleaned properly will ensure their long term health and production. And by keeping your panels running at maximum output, we also help you keep your electricity bill low. We understand the importance of an investment like solar panels, and what goes into getting them installed on your home. We would never encourage any homeowner to consider the roof as an area to save money when hiring a contractor, and especially with solar panels. Choose smart, choose Pinky’s!

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We can Increase Your Energy Production!

With clean panels, your solar cells are able to absorb more light and produce more energy!

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Frequently Asked Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

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Yes! We do. We do not walk on them and also use our low-pressure cleaning solution to address the growth.

We recommend that you clean your solar panels twice a year, particularly after a heavy pollen laden spring season.

No, never. The entire system, not just the panel, can be damaged.

A good solar cleaning job with an articulating brush, water jets and a top of the line filtration system to avoid streaks and stains can have a starting cost of $250; the final price will depend on the number of solar panels. Always ask your solar cleaning team what type of equipment they use for solar cleaning to avoid any damages or stains.

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