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Windows on our homes and businesses require regular maintenance just like anything else on our property. Our team is trained and experienced in cleaning all types of windows at any height. Our ion-free pure water leaves your windows spot free and will extend the life of your windows. In addition to cleaning your windows we clean your sills and frames leaving the entire view outside and inside looking amazing. We offer regular window cleaning maintenance on a monthly, quarterly or as needed basis.

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Our pure water is made by pushing regular water through four filters removing sediment, minerals and microscopic particles. Those particles can cause streakiness, spots on your windows. Our brushes are a combination of nylon and boar’s hair. This hybrid combination allows us to gently scrub dirt and dust from your windows, and ensure nothing remains on them when we rinse them down. 

Our screens allow us to keep our windows open and not worry about bugs coming in. They also are the first line of defense in keeping dust, dirt and growth off our windows. And that’s why they need some love too. Due to the harsh nature of sunlight on window screen tabs we do not remove them for our clients. They are easily damaged and can be expensive to replace. But when you remove your screens we clean them all for you at no cost.

Imagine not needing to purchase any tools or equipment to clean your windows. Ladders can be cumbersome and heavy, and also dangerous. When homeowners are ready to step up their cleaning game they graduate from mid quality to high quality, and the costs go up significantly. We use these tools all the time, but you’ll use it once in a while. We know how to move efficiently with our long reaching tools making it easy to choose to do nothing, and let us take care of it for you.

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By cleaning your windows you instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. You’ve got layers of dust, dirt and buildup that is holding your property back from really looking amazing. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a one time cleaning, we’re the right choice for you. Our team of professionals know exactly how to address every issue with your windows and how to help you stretch your window cleanings far apart from each other.

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Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

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No, we do not. We only clean the exterior of your windows.

When we rinse your windows while cleaning them we will always use ion-free pure water. But windows can incur some issues that all require specific solutions to resolve. Hard mineral staining requires a gentle acid to dissolve the buildup. Sodium hypochlorite is effective in sanitizing surfaces and eliminating organic growth. Surfactant soaps help as well in cleaning windows.

Unfortunately, in order to provide you with clean windows that will require us to sanitize and remove the organic growth from your windows. In order to do that we will need to spray the windows, sill and frame with our cleaning solution. When we do that the overspray will inevitably make contact with your home causing it to appear clean and very different from the rest of the home siding. We don’t want to do that to you, nor do we want to compromise the effectiveness of our window cleaning process by not soft washing your windows. If your home needs a house wash we cannot offer window cleaning service only. Fortunately, by doing a house wash before cleaning windows you are getting a bigger return on your investment.

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