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The primary service we provide is roof cleaning. Your roof is the number one surface where damage and injury can occur, and that’s why you’re making the right choice in hiring a professional to take care of this. We’re licensed, trained and insured to implement our safe, low-pressure cleaning to your home or business. And we do so by using OSHA compliant practices and equipment, and keeping our team members up to date on improved methods. Our team’s priority is performing your roof cleaning safely and efficiently, but more importantly to your satisfaction.

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Our equipment is revolutionary in the exterior cleaning industry. It allows us to dial in our solution for any surface on your home or business. We can adjust the concentration of soap, and even the pH to account for the stainload on your roof. This lets us bring you a custom-tailored clean every time. Instead of using a loud pressure washer as a primary form of cleaning, we use six deep-cycle marine batteries to power our equipment making it no louder than a quiet conversation between two people. No bulky, heavy trailers necessary either.

Federal and state regulations for contractors accessing roofs are important for several reasons. The first is that it keeps contractors safe. The second is that it keeps your property safe as well. We use approved equipment and tools like ladder stabilizers to keep our ladders from resting and rubbing your gutters. The last reason these regulations are important is that it helps us all save money by keeping claim numbers low, premiums down and insurance oversight to a minimum. We are doing our part to help all of us.

When your roof becomes stained it begins as green streaks, but then it eventually becomes covered and turns black. This growth consumes your roof and begins slowly eating away at the material which causes leaks. Before the leaks occur when the roof is covered, your energy costs will rise due to the roof being black and absorbing all of the sun’s energy. It’s like walking outside in summer wearing all black. By eradicating the growth and restoring the color of your roof you can reduce the strain on your central air system and cut monthly costs.

5 Year Spot-Free Roof Warranty

When a company offers a guarantee, they are promising that what you’re buying is what you’re getting. Every company should be offering a guarantee! What we offer in addition to a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is a 5 year Spot-Free Roof Warranty. We stand by our services long after we leave so you’re not only happy today, but you’ll be happy tomorrow as well. We stake our reputation on it.

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When we soft wash your home, it’s more than just cleaning that we do. The cleaning solution we use every day not only cleans your stains, but also sanitizes the surface by penetrating and eliminating the issue. The main culprit of all home staining that causes prevalent black streaks is a bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. Our low-pressure process kills this pest from the root up achieving a truly clean surface. Initially, the focus of ridding the roof surface of ugly black streaks was a basic cleaning function. However, these black streaks are a contamination of organic materials that are better addressed with algaecides such as you would address a fungal infection in your garden.

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Frequently Asked Roof Cleaning Questions

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No. All major roof material manufacturers prescribe a low-pressure chemical cleaning to properly maintain the surface. The common myth that is propagated is that a chemical treatment of a roof causes tiles to curl, and this is simply not true. The only danger to roofs is the organic living matter that is on the roof producing those black streaks. We treat, and safeguard against organic growth and warranty the service for 5 years.

We do not need to be on your roof 99% of the time. We have long reaching tools that allow us to apply our cleaning solution from the ground and from a ladder. The only time we need to get on your roof is if we are unable to access a difficult area. Our company is licensed, certified and most importantly, insured! This means if any damage were to have occurred on your roof we would bring it to your attention and take care of it 100%. We also take aerial photos of your roof before and after every project to provide you.

When your roof is cleaned by a professional using a low pressure, soft washing solution you can expect to address your roof every 4 to 6 years. Many factors will expedite the organic growth to return including excessive shade, heavy tannin laden trees standing above, and the pitch of the roof. But on average you can expect to need to clean it every 5 years.

No. Every client’s roof and property is different. Certain materials require longer dwell times and application angles from our team members. We will need to manage the run off differently from project to project. There are many factors we take into consideration, and we love to share them with you so you know how much we care about what we do.

Typically, an averaged sized roof can take half a day to complete. If the roof is exceptionally contaminated it may take longer. Homeowners do not need to worry about being home or present for the cleaning. Our team comes in to perform the cleaning and leaves your property better than they found it.

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