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Our gutters accumulate a lot of debris over the course of the year, and that is especially the case during hurricane season. Cleaning out your gutter system will extend the life of your system. When our team cleans your gutters we inspect them and let you know if any repairs are needed. We remove all the debris, ensure there is perfect flow through the system, and then take all debris with us from the property. We have all the proper tools and equipment to get the job done correctly, and safely.

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Every gutter system has its characteristics that make it “special”; Some slope where they shouldn’t in the middle, others have downspouts that go where we would prefer them not to. Fortunately, they all can have guards installed on to help keep leaves, debris and animals out of. For qualifying home members, we offer to install gutter guards to keep your system free flowing. All gutter guard systems come with a warranty, and we ensure the system is cleaned before installation.

Gutter debris can weigh more than just what you can pull out in a fistful. Basic gutter debris like leaves and limbs can weigh up to 7 pounds per linear foot, and when you add rain to the mix it’s really easy to see how your gutters sustain a lot of weight when they’re full of debris. This stress can damage the fascia it’s installed on and cause rot to accumulate, leading to gutters eventually failing. At best the gutters will sag and slope where they are not meant to, and the water does not drain properly.

Bacteria often begins in the gutters as it is a combination of pollen, dust, dirt, organic material like leaves and limbs. And then pests get in there and defecate in the system. Combined with water this is now a super haven for bacteria that spreads quickly to the roof shingles. Once the growth is on the roof it quickly begins to feed on the minerals in the shingles and it makes its home. By cleaning your gutters you can break the cycle of that bacteria growth reaching your roof where it can do major damage.

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Our team has been in the gutter business a long time. We understand how the system works, how to diagnose and troubleshoot sub-optimal flow, and then where to direct you when we can’t help. We keep our ladders and equipment off your gutters, we remove all debris from your property, and we ensure your system flows perfectly before we leave. That’s why you should let us help you keep your gutters cleaned.. Choose smart, choose Pinky’s!

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No, we do not. We use a hose that puts out 80 PSI of water to jet your gutters. It’s more than a hose, but it will not cause damage like a pressure washer can. A pressure washer can erode the powder coating which can expose the metal underneath and lead to rusting.

Once a year outside of hurricane season, and then once in the middle and end of hurricane season. By cleaning your gutters once a quarter you will be on a tremendous maintenance schedule.

We are not licensed to repair gutters, but we can refer you to licensed contractors who are phenomenal.

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