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Our homes and businesses get dirty with green bacteria just as much as other surfaces on our property. They also get damaged just as easily from UV damage. This is why our house washing process revolves around using low-pressure and careful preparation. Instead of using a loud pressure washer as a primary form of cleaning, we use six deep-cycle marine batteries to power our equipment making it no louder than a quiet conversation between two people. No bulky, heavy trailers necessary either.

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Our equipment is revolutionary in the exterior cleaning industry. It allows us to dial in our solution for any surface on your home or business. We can adjust the concentration of soap, and even the pH to account for the stainload on your home. This lets us bring you a custom-tailored clean every time. Instead of using a loud pressure washer as a primary form of cleaning, we use six deep-cycle marine batteries to power our equipment making it no louder than a quiet conversation between two people. No bulky, heavy trailers necessary either.

Federal and state regulations for contractors accessing roofs are important for several reasons. The first is that it keeps contractors safe. The second is that it keeps your property safe as well. We use approved equipment and tools like ladder stabilizers to keep our ladders from resting and damaging your siding and gutters. The last reason these regulations are important is that it helps us all save money by keeping claim numbers low, premiums down and insurance oversight to a minimum. We are doing our part to help all of us.

When siding becomes contaminated, the bacteria not only looks unsightly but it can also wear on the surface by eating the material. When the siding becomes food for the bacteria it’s only a matter of time before the damage becomes evident in a number of ways: The color fades and then disappears first. Next the material becomes soft and weak before eventually being rotted all the way through due to failure. Often before this happens we replace the siding, but fortunately we don’t need to. All that is needed is a cleaning of the surface to kill the bacteria.

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Many contractors will use a pressure washer to clean your home risking severe damage that is irreversible. Pressure washing also takes a long time to blast and blow the contamination off, whereas by soft washing the home like we do we’re able to provide a much quicker clean that uses significantly less water, and won’t erode the surface. High pressure in the wrong hands can produce visible wand strokes that become evident when the bacteria grows back. Choose smart, choose Pinky’s!

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Frequently Asked House Washing Questions

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No. The low pressure cleaning solution is gentle, and no more powerful than a garden hose of water coming out. We also rinse your home with water afterwards with the same pressure. Your home is never safer than when being clean with a soft wash.

Not at all. Our team preps every home before performing a house wash. We seal and cover all electric outlets and switches. We also cover all painted doors, and move sensitive items away from the home. Fans are dusted and cleaned individually as well to prevent water intrusion from needless water spraying. Our team members will go over the preparation with you when they visit for the consultation.

When you have a house wash, we clean the windows with our cleaning solution to remove dirt, algae and bugs nests, but oftentimes with the high mineral content in our water we are left with hard water spots. That’s why we do offer spot-free window cleaning as an option. More information on that here.

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