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We love our outdoor relaxing space in Florida. We have pool decks,  lanais, verandas and just plain old patios. All of them can be cleaned properly by our Pinky’s team members. Whether it’s a soft wash or a pressure wash that is needed, we got you covered. These are spaces our families hang out on during the warm months, and when contaminated with bacteria they can be slippery when wet. Avoid trips, slips and falls with a Pinky’s Prowash patio cleaning.

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Pressure washing with chemicals is the definition of Power Washing, and it allows us to address inorganic stains like grease, battery acid and oil very efficiently. This prevents your surface from being unnecessarily exposed to high pressure and gets the stain clean the right way. The chemicals we use are safe for your home and business. This is what makes us Pinky’s Prowash. We don’t just soft wash, we don’t just pressure wash or power wash, we’re PRO washers.

Federal and state regulations for contractors cleaning near and around stormwater drains and riverways are important for several reasons. The first is that it keeps our marine animals safe by not harming them with chemicals. The second is that it keeps the environment safe which our marine life depends upon. Detergents, surfactants and degreasing agents have no business in our waterways, and by following the proper procedures we help prevent events that harm our local eco-system, like algae blooms. We are doing our part to help all of us.

Your surfaces can most of the time be taken care of with just a simple low-pressure, chemical sanitization known as a soft wash. But when the organic stain is really significant, or is inorganic like grease, oil or acid, a proper power wash is needed. You don’t need to wait for the rain to come and rinse the dead organic buildup away. Our team will clean, sanitize and beautify your surface so it looks amazing the same day we cleaned it.

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Our team uses the right tool for your patio cleaning project. When a pressure washer is needed we use it. We don’t use it exclusively, and we don’t pretend it’s not the right tool at times. This is what makes us the right choice. Our aim is to clean your patio properly the first time, and not use buzzwords to make you feel comfortable. Your family deserves a clean and sanitized recreational outdoor space, and we can deliver that to you. Choose smart, choose Pinky’s!

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Frequently Asked Patio Cleaning Questions

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While it is a factual certainty that high pressure combined with water can cause damaging erosion to surfaces, we are professionals and know how to properly use pressure, chemicals and patience to achieve amazing results. We have the reputation and results to back that too.

When your patio’s bacterial growth begins to feel slippery while wet, you need to get it cleaned. Not only is it dangerous for those who walk on the surface, but it’s dangerous for the surface. The bacteria consumes the coating and can lead to a need for restoration of the surface which is more costly than a cleaning.

No, it will not. Any gray water that is eliminated into your pool whether it’s a salt or chlorine pool, will not adversely affect your pool.

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