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Living in OH, VA And NC is amazing. The weather is beautiful all year long which means we can enjoy the outdoors every season. But that means our patios and pool areas need to be screened in to keep mosquitos and other pests out. Our screens catch the pollen, dirt, debris, bacteria however, and get real dirty. Fortunately, this surface can be easily decontaminated with a low pressure cleaning to preserve your screens and framing. By keeping theses surfaces clean you’ll keep your powder coating looking great, and the screens see-through.

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You deserve to sit and enjoy your outdoor screened patio without having to look at green, yucky screens. It’s unsightly and uninspiring. Imagine your space for hosting get together. If your screens aren’t clear as windows they need to be cleaned. We can make them look like glass you can see right through. Your trim should look amazing too and not have green, drippy stains that harbor damaging bacteria. By having a clean screened area you’ll be able to enjoy an inspiring and serene area that you and your guests and family can relax in.

Your screen systems can be separated into two components when we discuss cleaning them; the screens and the frame. Both components suffer from the deterioration caused by bacteria and increased UV exposure. The screens have a coating around each of the individual wires that comprise the screen. This coating can weather away and expose the bright aluminum underneath making the screens weak and easily torn. The frame has a powder coating that when exposed to bacteria and the elements.
Your screened patios and enclosures are the first line of defense against dust and pollen and these both are excellent sources of energy for microbes and bacteria. Bacteria will grow and live on your screens, dispelling waste and ruin your surface. We have covered this. But when the contamination gets so bad it will spread to other surfaces like your floor and roof. Break the cycle and keep your screens regularly clean and you’ll keep the rest of your property clean too.

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We understand how important our screened areas are to our enjoyment of the outdoor spaces we have. And we also know how delicately these screened systems need to be treated in order to keep them clean and well maintained. With the right tools, the right cleaning solution and state-of-the-art equipment we have, you’re in good hands with our team. Choose smart, choose Pinky’s!
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Yes, it absolutely can. The coating on your screens receives a lot of wear and tear from the elements, and when a contractor cleans using high pressure that greatly increases the risk of that coating to come off and then tears are inevitable. Patience, and gentle water pressure is all you need.
We got you covered, (or should we say UNcovered!)
No, we do not. But we have a great local company who does that we can refer you to.

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