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What is Soft washing?

Soft washing originated more than 35 years ago as a developmental divergence from pressure washing in Florida, where the organic growths on surfaces are rather legendary. Since then, it has become a wildly successful method for treating and preserving all surfaces that can be pressure washed. The focus is put on the delivery of potent 100% biodegradable chemicals at gentle and low pressures.

When we soft wash we don’t just sanitize a surface; we keep those surfaces treated long after we’ve left. We focus more on the careful application of our EPA-compliant solution rather than the sheer brute force of our pressure washers. And because of that we are able to truly offer a deep-clean!

What Are The Advantages?

No damage to your property. In the wrong hands, and used exclusively, pressure washers can cause serious damage to a roof or other surfaces, particularly if it’s older. They create erosion and strip away materials that might have been loosened up by decomposition or aging. While it’s an appropriate method for heavy equipment, most commercial and residential projects benefit much more from a low pressure method such as a softwash.

More Eco-Friendly
Sanitizing Option

Pressure washers utilize anywhere from 3 to 10 gallons of water per minute. In one hour of cleaning, a pressure washer can use from 180 gallons upwards to 480 gallons of water. On the other hand, a 12 volt low-pressure softwash system will use approximately 60 gallons of treatment solution, which is made up of about 40 gallons of water.

Softwashing Treats
The Infestation

The surfaces on your home and business properties aren’t just dirty, they’re contaminated. Pressure washing by itself only removes the outer layer of this biomass and doesn’t fix the root of the problem. Organic growth on your surfaces is like shrubs; If you cut it back, it will come back healthier and stronger. The growth must be attacked at the source.

Lasts Longer

Our softwash treatment solution and process is so effective that it lasts 5 times longer than only pressure washing, which means your surfaces stay sanitized longer. When your surfaces stay cleaned and sanitized longer, this is better for the environment as there is less waste. And it also reduces the times you need to hire a cleaning professional.

Friendly Chemicals

Our chemicals are water-based, ship non-hazardous, and are biodegradable, meaning they break down into carbon and water within 28 days of their introduction into the environment, leaving no contaminants behind. And, we guarantee to replace 100% of any plants that are irreversibly harmed from our chemicals.

The Benefits Of Softwashing

When it comes to pressure washing people’s homes and other types of properties, you may read about or hear about the instances when things don’t go as planned. Our team members are here to assure you that we will never harm your property. When it comes to softwashing, like any trade, as long as proper techniques and tools are used, the service is only beneficial to the client. We use the appropriate tools and procedures to deliver a high-quality service. We utilize the low-pressure washing approach on your property’s exterior surfaces, which is focusing on a chemical application of your surface. This method ensures that your home’s siding, roof, deck, or other areas are thoroughly cleaned with zero damage from intense water pressure. Our cleaning solution is environmentally safe for your family, pets, and landscaping. You’ll quickly see why we’re the ideal company for all your exterior cleaning needs.

Dangers Of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is the quickest and most efficient technique to get rid of algae, dirt, stains, greases and any other substances from your outside property. It is, however, a specialized service that must be done by professionals with the appropriate equipment in order to finish the task without causing damage or stress. Unfortunately, not all pressure washing companies are trained and qualified to the required standard. However, the good news is that each of our team members is fully qualified and trained to the highest degree. We utilize cutting-edge technology and industry-standard cleaning procedures to guarantee that your property is never in danger of harm. With us, you’ll only get the finest and most professional service imaginable.

SoftwashingVSPressure Washing
Removes Dirt, Dust and Pollen
Sanitizes Mildew and Bacteria
Does Not Cause Erosion
Safe for Stucco and Dryvit
Safe for Home Siding
Safe for Windows
Approved for Roof Cleaning
Won't Force Water Into Cracks

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